Special Online Ordering

Early Access and Named Patient Programmes

Early access to medicines schemes and managed access programs enable patients with an unmet medical need to be provided with access to a medicine. Target healthcare can help at every stage of this process.

Pharmacy Services

With our on-site pharmacy, we offer a variety of patient dispensing services to NHS Trusts and pharmaceutical companies requiring patient specific dispensing. Our team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can handle requests from both clinicians and individual patients, providing prescribing advice and support, as well as patient counselling to ensure medicines administration compliance.

Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs):

Target Healthcare Limited also specialises in the sourcing, importation, distribution and dispensing of various unlicensed cannabis-based medicines. As industry leaders, we have the high level of expertise and capabilities required to manage the entire product lifecycle, from plant to patient.

Specials Repackaging and Over-Labelling:

At our state-of-the-art GMP facility in Luton, we can over-label and repack unlicensed medicines to your requirements, including:

Translating text from the original PIL and carton into the desired local language

Printing of new over-labels and associated artwork

Preparing packs according to specifications

All batches are quality controlled, checked by released by our in-house specialist pharmacists.

To enquire about our services, please get in touch with Target Healthcare Limited today.