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Customer Care

At Target Healthcare Limited, our principal objective is to bestow our customers with the utmost superior Customer Service experience. With our comprehensive Quality Management Systems, we take all necessary steps to ensure that all products and services supplied by Target Healthcare Limited exceed your expectations.

Our unrivalled reputation on service excellence has been built by a knowledgeable and supportive team that ensure our customers receive high quality and competitively priced products along with a prompt service.

Our customers recognize that we go the extra mile and are aware of the consistent quality of the products we supply. That is why they stay.

If You Chose Target Healthcare Limited You Are Guaranteed To Receive

Customers purchasing via Target Healthcare Limited can expect the following:

A service that exceeds your expectations.

A Personalised friendly service with a dedicated Account Manager who is always willing to help.

Flexibility where it counts.

Fast turnaround times on order processing, manufacturing and delivery.

Readiness to formulate and source products to help you and your patients.