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Product Quality

Our dedicated team of experts takes great pride in sourcing, manufacturing, and delivering pharmaceutical products of the highest excellence and quality, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with every order.

Our Licences:

At Target Healthcare, we proudly hold multiple licenses issued by the UK competent authorities, including:

Wholesale Dealers Licence

WDA (H) 43086

Manufacturer (Specials) Licence

MS 43086

Home Office Controlled Drugs Licence

Schedules 2 to 5

General Pharmaceutical Council

Pharmacy Premises Number 9011306

Quality Assurance (QA):

As a licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer and wholesaler, we recognise the intricacies of the global pharmaceutical regulatory landscape.

We leave no room for error as we consistently uphold the highest standards throughout our operations, ensuring full compliance with current laws and regulations in every medicine we source and distribute.

Our dedicated QA team, comprising pharmacists and seasoned professionals, is pivotal in ensuring our adherence to Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Quality Control (QC):

Our dedicated QC laboratory, specially designated for this purpose, precisely evaluates and analyses all products manufactured by Target Healthcare.

Specifically, our laboratory is responsible for:

Developing and validating analytical methods to ensure the quality of raw materials, intermediates, and fished unlicensed products

Coordinating stability testing in compliance with ICH guidelines to determine product shelf life

Discover our unwavering commitment to quality and request copies of our licenses. Contact us today to learn more.