Special Online Ordering


Target Healthcare Limited’s industry-leading facilities are regulated and licensed by the MHRA. We manufacture and supply ‘specials’ (both Drug Tariff and non-Drug Tariff lines) to pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical wholesalers, dispensing doctors and NHS Trusts across the UK.

What are ‘specials’?

Pharmaceutical ‘specials’ are unlicensed medicines supplied to meet individual patients’ clinical needs in situations where a licensed medicine cannot.

These unlicensed medicines differ from their licensed counterparts, which require a marketing authorisation to be granted before being made available. UK law allows the manufacture and supply of unlicensed medicines for specific purposes – i.e. patients with particular clinical requirements that a licensed product cannot meet.

When might a ‘special’ be prescribed?

A patient may be prescribed a ‘special’ if they:

Are unable to swallow tablets or capsules

Are allergic to an excipient

Are unable to eat

Require a different concentration, strength or formulation

Require a specific formulation

Have an intravenous nutritional need

UK licensed product is in short supply or long term unavailable

Looking to order ‘specials’?

When you open an account with Target Healthcare, we guarantee the most competitive prices and fastest turnaround times. With a vast range of stocked and batch manufactured specials, as well as same-day manufacturing services, meaning all products are delivered next day.

By ordering directly from Target Healthcare as manufacturer, you can expect immediate, first-hand specialist knowledge and product information – not to mention minimal hassle from cutting out the middleman.